Business Outcome

APUK helps to improve data collection and data management to be used at the point of care. Utilizing the data can identify or reduce unnecessary costs which will benefit directly to the business. The system will help calculate and identify ways to increase insurance reimbursement and streamline the discharge process.

The collected data will be able to be used as support information to develop business plans and marketing strategy. Implement hospital-wide quality measures systematically

Clinical Outcomes

Decisions that need to be made at the point of care will be generated from the data and digital document which will provide necessary clinical information for patient care and service when needed to help with services or suggestions. For example, the result of  precise data calculation will help reduce a patient’s length of stay, revisit rates, and develop and design patient safety processes.

In terms of clinicians, the system and data calculation will support the decision making that could help  standardize the clinical decision and reduce the quality gap between junior and senior clinicians.

Service Outcomes

With data-driven from APUK, it will help improve the quality of administrative work by increasing more efficient communication, enhanced payment models including accurate data processing.

Research Outcomes

APUK conducted research by collecting information to be structured and coded for further analysis to identify and analyze trends that will be able to improve  the overall health of Thailand.