Partner’s Product


APUK is the official distributor in Thailand for Medicomp Systems which is the US based company that provides medical technologies and tools, known as Quippe. The Quippe documentation tools are the advanced clinical documentation and clinical decision support tool for better clinical outcomes which enable physicians to see more patients, and provide clinical usability at the point of care. Not only presenting and implementing the tools but APUK also adjust and develop add-ons to specifically match the needs of Thai hospitals.

With the data platform that APUK offers gathering over 400,000 related standard terminology terms combining with more than 1 million possibilities to help create the ability to support decision making with coded systems in order to match with customers’ or patients’ needs. The system also helps data transferring and utilizing the data for further research or supporting marketing campaigns.

APUK’s Product

Simple Medical Dialog

is the chatbot system created to aid the patient to conveniently utilize the LINE application to analyse the personal health problem. This product aims to create the most convenient service for patients with their daily-use tool, each of the symptom or disease will be asked not more than 5 questions which will summarize the results for patients as follow

  • Evaluate the urgency and necessity to visit the doctor
  • Suggest the specialist field of doctor to visit, if necessary
  • Link to the hospital or telemedicine service
  • Generate report to efficiently communicate with the doctor

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Simple Medical Logic (SML)

is a logic calculation system designed by APUK to analyze medical data with quality. The system has already been used with AIA insurance and their co-hospitals

APUK Business Intelligence (ABI)

is a dashboard for showing patients’ care information, administration information and quality control of the hospital which will be operating in September 2021.