Who are we?

APUK is a group of healthcare and IT professionals with passion in improving the healthcare standard. 

With a highly experienced team and extensive research in developing the healthcare data solution system, APUK became the expert in this area offering a data management platform which will benefit data collection, business and marketing strategic plan to provide better service for customers.

What we believe?

APUK’s goal is to uplift the quality of healthcare services for all patients through creating the opportunities in improving healthcare standard and sustainability, especially customers and patients’ safety. APUK believes that data-driven plays a major role for every business development. Creating a well structured data that is easy to use and analyze will be directly beneficial to the business.

“Let’s disrupt before you were forced to be disrupted”

What we do?

We provide healthcare related data management systems with the aim to improve the healthcare data collections by utilizing the use of technology.

Not only QUIPPE and Elsevier that APUK represents, but APUK also developed our own data management system namely, Simple Medical Terminology (SMT), Simple Medical Logic (SML), Global Insurance Portal (GIP) and APUK Business Intelligence (APUK-BI) that work seamlessly in collecting, analyzing and transferring information between hospital and insurance company.

We also work as a business partner by offering consulting services to hospitals for fully digital transformation or to achieve the HIMSS standards. (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society).