APUK’s  Products

APUK Innovations are Microservices that give you the flexible, fast-Moving and fast-Growing Businesses Benefit.


Simple Clinical NLP and Coding

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Coding convert free text and abbreviation of diagnosis and procedures into clinical terms and structured data in clinical terminology such as ICD10, ICD9, SNOMED, MEDCIN, LOINC, TMT, TMLT.


Audit Medical Record Tool

The Audit Medical Record Tool aligns with JCI 7th edition, AACI Version 5.0, HA 5th edition (only for Thailand), and Medical Record Audit Guideline 2563 standards (Only for Thailand).

o Basic item & customized based on patient condition and setting
o Real-time audit for real-time improvement
o No need to sampling, go for 100% audit
o Show the medical record completeness dimension, for example;

• By Standard Chapter e.g., AOP, COP
• By Document e.g., Admission note
• By Challenge topic e.g., abbreviation
• By Item e.g., menstruation
• By Professional e.g., Doctor
• By Individual User


Nurse Productivity

The nurse productivity index dashboard is calculated by patient class with the logic of Warstler, Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council and Siriraj hospital for proper staffing and work shift schedules at the ward.


Simple Medical Dialog

The chatbot system created to aid the patient to conveniently utilize the LINE/hospital’s application to analyse the personal health problem, customize the individual health check-up program or vaccine recommendation. This product aims to create the most convenient service for patients with their daily-use tool, each of the symptom or disease will be asked not more than 5 questions which will summarize the results for patients as follow

  • Evaluate the urgency and necessity to visit the doctor
  • Suggest the specialist field of doctor to visit, if necessary
  • Link to the hospital or telemedicine service
  • Generate report to efficiently communicate with the doctor

Clinical Business Intelligence

The dashboard for showing patients’ care information, administration information and quality control of the hospital to achieve Key performance indicators (KPIs).


Early Detection Management

Staff Member Portal will provide real-time alerts to healthcare professionals and management teams via LINE/hospital’s application or email, enhancing prompt intervention as needed when an incidence occurs, for example;

  • Patient fall
  • Phlebitis
  • Blood transfusion reactions

The microservices are able to integrate with the hospital’s incident report program and hospital Information Systems (HIS).