HIMSS Thailand Community Event, 28 June 2017, Wednesday
Venue: Bangkok Hospital, BHQ Rehabilitation Building 7th Floor

[Panel Discussion] Successes and Failures in Healthcare IT (Thai)

Panelists will be sharing case studies and experiences about past failures/challenges and how their organizations managed to overcome the challenges. Learn the potential pitfalls of technology and how to avoid/rectify them.

Dr. Polawat Witoolkollachit, Director of Information Technology and Communication, Ministry of Public Health Thailand

Dr. Tullawat Pacharapha, COO, Vejthani Hospital

Ms. Monvalee Phathanothai, Managing Director, Greenline Synergy

Ms. Piyanun Yenjit-Puk, Former CIO, Paknampo Hospital, Director of Operations, Medicomp Systems

Moderator: Mr. Krit Wongbulawat, Client Relationship Executive, Healthcare and Life Sciences, DXC Technology